With many years experience in Freight Forwarding, TECH FREIGHT boasts extensive knowledge of management and "Professional Freight Forwarding" of ALL types of cargo for ALL modes of transport, making us your Logistical Partner of choice.


Offering Multimodal Logistical Solutions, Including, air freight, sea freight LCL & FCL, Break-Bulk, Abnormal, Road-Freight, and of course our own in house department handling Personal Effects.


The owners have extensive experience in the movement and handling of all types of cargo, from the time it is packaged / crated at the clients premises (EX-WORKS) to the time cargoes reach final destinations.


TECH FREIGHT not only offers the comfort of on-site packaging at the clients premises, but will also arrange for the manufacture of wooden boxes / crates and will arrange delivery of same directly to clients.


Marine Insurance of Export and Import cargo is a further service offered - Making TECH FREIGHT your "One Stop Facility" for all your Freight Forwarding and cargo protection requirements.

Contact us: +27 11 918 4014 / +27 11 029 5337